The new Australian Emissions Standards took effect last July 2018 and high-emission petrol and LPG-fueled engines, particularly the carby two-stroke outboards should be out of the waters.

Just a reminder, this not a ban on two-stroke engines. The lot with Direct Fuel Inject (DFI) technology is perfectly fine, and so are the four-stroke outboard engines. 

If you haven’t done it already, it’s time to shop for a new outboard. Here is a list of two-stroke and four-stroke outboard motors compliant with the new emission standards.

Suzuki 4-stroke range

Long before the new emission standards took effect, Suzuki has already made the outboard motors compliant to it.

The Suzuki four-stroke range of outboard motors are not only low-emissions compliant; they also deliver reliability, fuel efficiency, and high performance.

One of the best Suzuki models you can choose for your next outboard is the popular DF350A, Suzuki’s biggest outboard.

It’s the first ever outboard in Australia to have contra-rotating propellers.

Other good choices include DF325A, the only 300hp+ outboard capable of running on the regular 91 RON fuel; and the two fuel-efficient mid-range outboards: DF150A and DF175A.

Evinrude E-TEC Outboards

If you prefer a two-stroke outboard, then one of the best ranges to choose from is the Evinrude E-TEC. The E-TEC models do not only meet the new outboard emission standards, they even exceed it.

What models should you get?

G1 and G2 are your best choices for an Evinrude E-TEC two-stroke outboard. G1 is a 1.7L V4 engine with 115hp and 130hp output options.

On the other hand, the Evinrude 3.4L V6 G2 offers more models, ranging from 150hp to 300hp performance capabilities. Both are equipped with the direct fuel injection technology that makes these models super fuel efficient.

Mercury OptiMax

According to Mercury, the OptiMax range is the leader among low-emission outboards. The OptiMax 200L, 200XL, 200CXL, and 200L Pro XS have the three-star ultra-low emission rating, the highest rating given today.

These two-stroke outboard motors are all equipped with Mercury’s very own two-stage direct fuel injection technology. This system not only gives all OptiMax models reduced emission, but also the outstanding fuel efficiency and high-performance grade.

Mercury Marine engineers also have improved the power control calibration to further lessen the overall emission of OptiMax outboards.

Tohatsu TLDI Two-Strokes

This lesser known Japanese manufacturer also has a good range of outboard motors compliant with emissions regulations.

Equipped with Two-Stroke Low-Pressure Direct Injection (TLDI) technology, Tohatsu TLDI models are powerful two-stroke outboards with the efficiencies of four-stroke outboard motors.

Available TLDI two-stroke outboards that you can choose from include: MD50B2, MD90C2, and MD115A2. Aside from having reduced emissions, these outboard engines run quiet and are virtually smokeless.

An optional upgrade to Stainless Propeller is available when purchasing Tohatsu TLDI two-stroke outboards.

Get Your New Boat and Outboard Motor

These are the outboard motors compliant with the new emissions standards in Australia.

Choosing what to buy is really up to your preference and the most important thing is you will be following the emission standards and making yourself responsible while enjoying the Australian waters.

After deciding which outboard motor to go for, whether it’s a two-stroke or four-stroke outboard, the next thing to do is find financing for it together with a new boat.

We can help you with that.

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