A Personal Watercraft (PWC), better known as a jet ski, is considered a powerboat used for recreational activities on the water. But, as much pleasure, it can bring, using a jet ski also entails risks that can cause serious injuries to individuals not properly trained to handle such watercraft.

Therefore, you need to have the right licence to operate one. In Queensland, you must have a personal watercraft licence, plus a recreational marine licence or a master commercial marine license to drive a jet ski. The use of jet ski in the state is only for recreational, educational, lifesaving, or community service purposes. The operation of a PWC for business, trade, or commerce is considered illegal.

Here are some other Important Things To Know For First-time Jet Ski Riders.

Who needs a jet ski licence?

All owners of jet skis with engine powers of more than 4.5kW must have the required license to operate in QLD. The licence itself is not required to be on you at all times, but you must have proof of identity so the marine officers can verify your licence online. You must also have the right licence if you’re towing a person using the jet ski.

How to get a jet ski license in QLD?

Below are the requirements for a jet ski licence application:

1. You must be at least 16 years old. You can take the boat and jet ski courses at 15 and a half years old but your licence will not be issued until you’re 16.

2. A medical fitness disclosure statement must be accomplished in compliance with the Boatsafe training procedures.

3. A Recreational Marine Driver Licence (Power Boat Licence) or completed the combined boat and jet ski licence course.

4. A completed the Boatsafe course with a training fee of $250. The course covers an online comprehensive video tutorial and practical quiz software and followed by hands-on, in-person practical application of boat handling skills.

5. A Statement of Competency (SOC) valid for 6 months, which can be acquired from completing the BoatSafe course. Note, however, that your SOC is not your licence. It is only proof of completing the boat handling skills training required in applying for the marine licence.

After completing the requirements, you need to submit them within 6 months, together with the PWD license application form and proof of identity to the QLD Transport Department Office for the application of the PWD licence. Here you can find your nearest office.

A licence fee of $112.85 will be paid and your personal and/or recreational watercraft license will be confirmed in a printed receipt indicating your marine licence.

Verifying your PWD licence can be done personally at the most accessible transport and motoring service center. It is important to ring them first and confirm if marine licensing services are provided before paying a visit. Online application of marine license verification is also available. You just must pay a certain fee to do so.

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A jet ski licence is a must-have if you want to drive a PWC in Queensland or any other states and territories in Australia. The only time you are allowed to drive without a PWC licence is when you are accompanied by an individual with a marine licence, who can take immediate control of the jet ski in case of an emergency.

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