Recreational fishing is one of the most popular activities in Australia. With over two thousand species of freshwater and saltwater fish, there’s so much to look forward to for hobby fishermen.

Itching to fish on the open waters but don’t know how to start? Not to worry! Here’s our list of the best fishing boats in Australia. From small fishing boats to the best all-around boats, these watercraft are worth checking out.

Yellowfin 7600 Centre Console

Estimated price: $93,442

The Yellowfin 7600 Centre Console is one of the best offshore fishing boats in Australia. This boat is hand-built with only the highest marine-grade aluminium, 6mm bottoms, and an offshore HD hull. It offers incredible strength and durability. The layout and design provide 360-degree fishing access, plenty of storage, and ample console space for your electronics.

This boat packs a punch with its four-stroke Mercury Marine XS V8 engine. It can generate up to 250hp with max speeds of 43knots. This vessel can handle rough seas or turbulent weather. This boat is also equipped with various tools like a casting platform and stainless rod holders. More upscale models provide a host of other amenities and features.

Quintrex 430 Fishabout Pro

Estimated price: $29,000

For those just starting their fishing journey, the Quintrex 430 Fishabout Pro is a great entry-level boat. Beginners won’t feel intimidated by the car-like layout and dash. Novice fishermen will have an easy time familiarising themselves with the watercraft.

The seating consists of cockpit sports chairs and additional passenger benches. There’s also a rear bench that can be moved; easily customisable to fit your needs.

When it comes to speed, this boat has a two-stroke 60hp Evintrude motor. It’s nimble but packs plenty of punch without being overwhelming to those just starting. Aside from fishing, the Quintrex 430 Fishabout Pro is also great for cruising, skiing, or diving.

Signature 640F

Estimated price: $150,000

Hanes Signature proudly calls the 640F ‘the boat that can do it all!’ Fish wherever and whenever you want with this boat. This model is an upgrade from previous versions in terms of fuel economy, power, performance, and handling. The 640F has a fuel capacity of 226L which is 25% more than its predecessor and an outboard power of 225hp.

The dash layout comes with features like Simrad and JL Audio electronics. It can also handle up to a 16-inch GPS or sounder screen. The dual-battery system with VSR has automated battery charging to provide long-range boating.

You can also customise your Signature 640F with optional design features. Add a fully enclosed hardtop, a lockable sliding cabin door, and a transducer option. Tailor-fit your boat to your lifestyle and take your fishing experience to the next level.

Bayliner VR4 RB

Estimated price: $43,999

Great for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, the Bayliner VR4 RB offers passengers perfect comfort and convenience. This boat is compact, the smallest in the Bayliner’s VR series, making it easy to tow and store. It’s one of the best small fishing boats around.

The VR4 RB has a four-stroke Mercury Marine V6 engine with a power of 150hp. Its panoramic windshield gives great visibility when driving. The movable centre and side panels can be adapted to the water conditions.

What makes this boat stand out is the comfort it provides its passengers. Although small, there’s plenty of space and under-seat storage. Aside from a roomy cockpit, it also has extra passenger seats and contoured backrests.

Formosa SRT X Bowrider

Estimated price: $94,990

The Formosa SRT X Bowrider is a great family fishing boat. It’s available in various lengths and sizes so you can easily find the right fit for your family. It's equipped with a Wake Tower aluminium hardtop that includes rails and four rod holders.

The boat features a forward lounge with cushioned seating, backrest coamings, and storage. The centreboard is removable so you can customise the lounge. To optimise your fishing, the forward lounge cushions are removable to make a large casting deck.

You’ll also have plenty of fishing feature options such as an electronic trolling motor mount, bait tanks, live wells, kill tanks, and so much more.

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What are the key factors to consider when choosing a fishing boat?

The key factors to consider when choosing a fishing boat are size, type, and price. Use an online boat loan calculatorto get an idea of how much a boat purchase can cost.

What are the different types of fishing boats available?

There are various kinds of fishing boats such as aluminium fishing boats, bass boats, centre consoles, bow riders, and many more. Some fishing boats are also categorised by their offshore and onshore capabilities.

What size of fishing boat is suitable for me?

The size of the boat you need depends on the number of passengers. If you’re buying a family boat for five people, a boat that’s 15 feet or less than 16 feet would suffice.

What are the advantages of aluminium fishing boats?

Aluminium fishing boats are lightweight, easier to maintain, and have a longer lifespan compared to other types of fishing boats.

How important is the boat's stability for fishing?

If your boat isn’t stable enough, it may capsize. Boat stability is extremely important for the safety of those on board.

What accessories should I consider for my fishing boat?

Consider adding a fish finder, fishing rod storage, fishing rod holder, and a bait cutting board to your fishing boat (if it doesn’t have these features already).

Are there boats designed specifically for offshore fishing?

Yes, there are boats designed specifically for offshore fishing. These boats typically have multiple engines, are over 26 feet long, and include certain features such as a centre console or centre cabins.

How do I maintain a fishing boat for longevity?

Do regular check-ups and maintenance tasks such as changing the oil regularly, checking the battery, inspecting the propeller, and getting the boat detailed.

What safety precautions should I take when fishing from a boat?

Always wear life vests and other appropriate safety gear. Before setting off, make sure to check the waterfronts and weather forecasts. And lastly, only fish in the permitted areas.