Boating doesn’t come to a halt in Australia but there is a noticeable drop off in the colder winter months. If you are considering buying a boat, upgrading or downgrading of winter can be the perfect time to start shopping.

Here are some reasons why we think buying a boat in winter is a great idea.


Just because it’s cold out on the water doesn’t mean you can’t start shopping for your next boat. The cold weather actually gives you a great excuse to sit back and begin your online research and during winter months boaties generally have a little extra time to do just that. There’s no pressure to buy and get out on those sparkling blue waters ASAP so you can really take a bit more care in making your decision.

Buyer’s Market

The cold weather definitely helps create a Buyer’s Market as new and used boats flood the market. Many boaties take the off-season to reflect on their time spent on the water – Did they spend enough time out to justify running costs? Was their current boat the right fit for their lifestyle? Do they want to upgrade to something faster? – leading to many people wanting to sell their boat, scale down or scale up. With a greater choice of boats on the market, comes greater bargaining power for buyers wanting to get a good deal.

Dealer Incentives

Many dealers don’t want to carry stock from one season to the next so you can find some great reductions during the change of seasons. Dealers do this so that they can clear out their showroom to make way for newer, shinier models come to Spring.

Also, as winter often slows down sales many dealers would be keen to make you a good deal to keep their sales steady.

Boat Shows

During winter, Australia has a host of boat shows up and down the coast. Boat Shows are a great way to get a feel for your new vessel and talk to other like-minded people for advice and guidance. Often at these shows, makers and dealers will entice buyer further with add-ons and good delivery times.

The Upside!

Once you’ve bought your new boat you can look to preparing her for the warmer months. That way you can set off at the first sign of blue skies and warm winds. Buy a boat in winter and you can get a jump on the boating season!

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