If you’ve ever lived on the water – be it a canal, river or on a boat – you might know that all too familiar buzzing sound that comes with a jet ski.

But what if you could eliminate that noise and the pollution? The University of Western Australia Mechanical Engineering students have done just that!

The electric jet ski, which took two-and-a-half years and three generations of students, takes just three hours to charge. The jet ski is completely silent and produces no gas emissions.

One of the initial student designers, Alex Beckley said, “When you first get on it. You switch it on. There’s no sound, there’s no fanfare to say that it’s on and you just throttle up and you’re moving.”

Professor Thomas Braunl oversaw the $15,000 project and said, “It’s been a slow process but to see it today out in the water is a dream come true.”

There’s still work to be done to improve the speed and power of the craft, but the students believe they can get it to eventually match that of a conventional craft.

We think the engineers have done a great job and we can’t wait to start seeing these electric models on the water!

In the meantime, if you’re looking to get yourself a jet ski for this summer you can contact us to talk about jet ski finance.