If you enjoy your time out on the water surely at some point you’ve at least toyed with the idea of moving onto your own houseboat.

As if there weren’t enough reasons going through your head we thought we’d prompt you with some of the best reasons to move onto a houseboat.

6 Reasons to Buy a Houseboat

1. Freedom

You aren’t just a homeowner, you’re a captain. You can decide to pull up anchor and relocate for a change of scenery and climate when you want, without the concern of packing, selling, and buying a new home. The rivers and seas are your potential front yard.

2. Neighbours

Do you like your neighbours?

When you’re living on a houseboat you can always change your neighbours, stay if you’ve found good ones, or even move with them if you’ve found great ones.

3. Fishing

Amateur and avid fishers alike can benefit from living in a houseboat. Any fishing spot is open to you without the hassle of sorting out your gear and packing it in the car or packing it up and coming home before you can tuck into your catch. You’ll be able to break for a cooked lunch in the comfort of your own home, then pick right up where you left off.

4. Self-maintaining pool

You won’t need to constantly tend to a pool to be able to have a swim whenever you want. Any hot day all you need to do is jump off the side. Where you drop anchor will determine whether you swim at a popular, busy spot, or one of the most beautiful, isolated beaches in the world.

5. Impress your guests

If you have the space for guests you’ll suddenly become your family and friend’s favourite place to visit. You could even keep a steady flow of Air BnB guests coming through if you felt the desire. Enjoy others’ company, or move far enough away to enjoy only your own.

6. Living the dream

Everyone has that list of things they really want to do, or will do, or must do ‘one day’. You’ll be living your ‘one day’ every waking minute as the rest of your life becomes one long holiday. Stop dreaming about it and do it!

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