Mechanical Breakdown Cover

Sometimes called Extended Warranty, this product safeguards you in case of faults or breakdowns giving you added security and peace of mind. It will cover most major mechanical and electrical items of your boat.

This cover protects customers against surprises when buying a new or used vehicle. These products provide similar protection to what you may get when buying through a dealer.

  • You can choose the boat you want, without concern for warranty.
  • May be financed if you take a loan OR
  • May be purchased using any major credit card and pay by the month facilities can be arranged.
  • Some of the products can be transferred if you sell your boat. This is a huge feature to a prospective buyer when you’re trying to sell your boat.
  • Protects your savings in the event of an unforeseen failure.

The warranties will generally cover the costs of those repairs, parts and labour. There are limitations – you must still pay for normal wear and tear items like new light bulbs and other general maintenance when required, but the warranty should cover those unexpected mechanical failures.

New boats

Most new purchases come with a 2 or 3-year warranty. You can arrange cover for your boat for up to 3 more years, commencing from the moment your manufacturer’s warranty ceases. Perfect for those who want to keep their boat long term, but without the worry of unexpected mechanical costs.

Used boats

Sure, you’re buying a boat that looks, smells and drives great. BUT, you have no idea how it’s the previous owner treated the boat. Was it thrashed? Was it smashed? Was it serviced?

You may like to consider a mechanical warranty for any used boat, even if purchased from a reputable dealer. 

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